Unexpected Surprise…SacFashionWeek

In the heart of Sacramento, California we were pleasantly surprised to find an amazing community of people dedicated to creating and celebrating fashion! We were first introduced to Sacramento Fashion Week by Filipina Foodies and friends, designer, Janelle Cardenas and make up artist, Jasmine Cardenas, when we interviewed them in 2013. It’s been a wonderful ride […]


The Best of Life

Life goes by in an instance people. One day you’re in sunny Florida, soon you’re having kids, next thing you know you’re honoring & remembering a friend. Make the Best of Life, because at the end of the day, no one remembers what clothes you wore or how many kicks you had. They just remember […]


New Year You

If you don’t have a 2015 Resolution yet, you can share one of mine: Be kinder to yourself this year by listening to your inner voice, trust your spirit, and give it the freedom to express itself. Love others as yourself. Be more intentional about tapping into what is alive inside. After all, there’s just […]


Talent Comes Together

While in LA, we had the privilage to meet and chat with “kababayan” and friends in the LA Fashion scene. Forgive me for dropping names but what a group of talented people that are living out their destinies! Celebrity designers and reality stars, Andre Soriano and Cecilia Aragon, Emmy-Winning Executive Producer, Lisa Manibog Lew Brennan, Designer Joey […]


Why Fashion?

“What do you like about fashion?” I was asked by someone at a pre-event for Sacramento Fashion Week, Masquerade Fashion Affair. I had to stop and think for a moment as I blurted out, without thinking, “the art.” I don’t know why I had to stop and think anyway, it IS about the art! Whether […]


One Love…Encouragement From Friends

This post caught our eye because after losing two friends to depression and suicide in the last couple years we know there’s truth to his message; that it’s easy for people’s struggles to go unnoticed. Take it to heart friends, and thank you Bobby for sharing! Robert Espiritu writes, “I’m gonna take a moment to […]


Colliding For A Cause

Filipina Foodies caught a glimpse of LA Fashion Week over the weekend through the gracious invitation by celebrity designer and Styled To Rock’s, Andre Soriano. Watching the action behind the scenes from the pre-show fitting to the intensity back stage, it was magic made right before our eyes. View his Spring/Summer collection 2015 The LA Fashion On the runway […]


Michael Yo with Five Shades of Brown Sugar!

So random! We ran into Michael Yo on the way to Coffee last Saturday in downtown San Jose, gave us tix to his show at the Improv. Unfortunately, none of us could make it. But all our hearts were a fluttering for this tall, dark (caramel) and dreamy! Michael is half black and Korean, hey, […]



It’s been fun friending and getting to know new friends online and in person, we love what social media has contributed to our lives! So, our blog and social pages called Filipina Foodies (btw, who doesn’t relate to food?) may deceive you since we’re not just about enjoying great food. we also like bringing people and culture together […]


Give Yourself Grace

Are you striving to reach a goal in your life? Are you struggling to quit a habit that has effected your life, health or others around you? Are you being hard on yourself or others in the midst of it? A friend gave me a great visual picture of how to have grace for ourselves and […]


10 Foods That Protect Teeth And Gums

We all know that our overall health depends on what we eat. Our teeth are no exception. Aside from the celery, cheese and parsley, is it just me, or is anyone else craving Japanese food after seeing this list? 1. Celery – Protects Teeth from Cavities 2. Cheese – Preserves and Rebuild Tooth Enamel […]


Rescue in the Philippines: Refuge from the Holocaust

Mark your calendars!  Visit to see the trailer!  Buy or Rent video “Rescue in the Philippines: Refuge from the Holocaust” is slated to air in its entirety on American Public Television in April 2013. It tells the little known account of how five American brothers used their political friendships in the Philippines to rescue as many […]


Beyond The Boudoir With Geraldine Nuval-Weibull

You’ll never know what treasures you’ll find around you unless you do a little digging. In our recent quest we found the owner of My Boudoir and Beyond Boudoir, Geraldine Nuvall-Webull, a Filipina with an amazing story. We couldn’t wait to find out more about Geraldine and asked her to share a few words with […]